C-Cell Competitive Advantages


The CCELL Cartridge is the new kid on the vape block but seasoned vapor veterans are welcoming the innovative cart with open arms (and lungs). CCELLs address a number of issues that have dogged the vape world for years. To best understand specifically how a CCELL improved on preceding cartridge designs, we need to take a look at the vaping experience as a whole.

The Importance of Cannabinoids

ccell cartridge allows for better flavor preservation of terpenes
A CCELL cartridge allows for better flavor preservation of terpenes.

The marijuana industry is an ever-evolving one with new products being launched in a continuous way. For many years, the plant and its use was driven into the underground, halting progress both in research and how to best dose and deliver the benefits of the plant. In recent years, the use of concentrates has increased. Marijuana contains a host of cannabinoids which are compounds that have specific physical and emotional effects. It also contains terpenes which are the smell and flavor compounds that are found in plants and herbs that contribute to its medicinal value.

Cannabinoids and the Vaping Experience

Smoking the plant often burns it, killing off precious cannabinoids and terpenes. Vaping heats the compounds enough to create vapor without burning off their effects. It also allows consumers to ingest only its valued compounds without the carcinogens created by smoking. Concentrates have become a popular way of vaping, allowing consumers to use oils and wax that contain a highly concentrated amount of the desired marijuana compounds. Strains can be tasted and experienced with a much stronger intensity as each terpene is tasted without being burnt.

Common Vape Cart Issues

Vaping the concentrates, however, can be tricky. Vaporizer carts are mostly designed with e-cigarette technology which is good for vaping tobacco substitutes. These are liquids that are much easier to heat. Marijuana concentrates on the other hand are sticky and thick and don’t heat as well or as evenly with a regular vaporizer cart. Common problems that occur are leaking and wasted concentrates that don’t vaporize. You have to take five or six puffs to get it working and then the hits are inconsistent all through its use, ending with thin, uneven clouds of vapor. Another issue here is that vaporizer carts use wick-based technology. These burn fast and high, often burning the concentrate. The charred taste then follows all consecutive hits, contaminating the concentrate.

How the CCELL Cartridge Design Benefits Your Vaping Experience

ccell vape carts use ceramic coil with nano scale inlet holes for even heatccell vape carts use ceramic coil with nano scale inlet holes for even heat
The design of CCELL vape carts features a ceramic coil with nano scale inlet holes for even heat distribution.

A solution to these problems has been found in the CCELL cartridge. This model of vape cartridge uses completely different technology. In fact, the designers of CCELL cartridges have over 300 patents on vaporizing technology which makes them undeniably unique in their field. CCELL carts use a patented ceramic formula that can absorb and distribute heat evenly through the coil. A special manufacturing process of high sintering allows CCELLs to have nano scale inlet holes distributed across the cartridge, providing a stable source of even heat throughout the ceramic coil. This allows the vaporizer to absorb, store and vaporize high viscosity extracted oil without an issue. This means from the first to the last hit from the CCELL, you experience an even, consistent, flavor filled, potent hit from this vaporizer. The oil won’t get charred or overheated and every bit of the concentrate gets used.

According to Leafly, Rob Zaitona of Cartel Oil Co. said, “As we looked for ways to deliver our oil to customers, we went through 36 different cartridges before deciding that CCELL’s technology is the best on the market today.” Other companies, such as Aces Extracts, have boasted the same conclusions about CCELL. It is a product that is designed to give users the best possible experience when it comes to vaping concentrates. With critical and user acclaim high, the CCELL cartridge may have officially changed the way companies handle vape cart design moving forward.