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Engadget: Concentrates are the future of cannabis

The cannabis industry is in the midst of an unprecedented renaissance. Strains are stronger, consumption methods more numerous and availability greater than ever before. Medical-grade marijuana now averages around 20 percent THC -- a threefold increase from the "hippie weed" your parents toked back in the '60s. Smoking has been usurped by vaping and edibles as the preferred dosing methods, making the concentrates and oils more valuable commodities than the flowers they're derived from. The good times certainly are rolling, but how long can we keep up this relentless march toward pure THC distillate?

Nearly impossible to find a decade ago, cannabis concentrates are now a mainstay of the commercial cannabis industry. "Today we see concentrates are used in probably 95 percent of the branded products," Michael Ray, Founder and Executive Director at Bloom Farms, a San Francisco–based medical cannabis company, said during a recent interview. "The vape oils, the vape cartridges, the edibles -- it's the base, essentially, for all of these products."

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