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IN THE PRESS: Consults Convectium on Quality in the Cannabis Industry

In a recent article by, Convectium was asked to weigh-in on a discussion on the importance of quality marketing and branding in the budding Cannabis industry. Alongside standard competitive differentiation between brands, the cannabis industry has the added pressure of increasing education, decreasing stigma and building legitimacy in somewhat gray areas.

Convectium founder Danny Davis elaborates on the complexities:

“There is a lot of pressure on brands to combat taboo in the cannabis industry. It’s a landscape where brands need to educate while they advertise, which requires smart marketing to weed out imitators.

Our approach is similar to a consumer electronics product like Beatz by Dre. Despite the saturated space, Beatz was able to dominate the market place with solid branding, amazing packaging, a different look, higher end price and a well-known brand ambassador. Our operation is not much different – we have to be careful that our products aren’t marginalized or commoditized to the point of being viewed as just another passing fad.

We want our brand to represent mainstream products with appeals to the masses - not niche products for elite connoisseurs. Brands who want to be taken seriously in this industry need to lead with messaging that highlights their story. Our products are developed with authentic, consumer-based design, whereas our competitors are building products for other engineers.

Convectium prioritizes technology and user experience first, followed by a feedback loop for future development. In such a new market, foundational consumer research is still being built and companies are operating without a ton of direction, so our goal is to educate and inspire our customers by giving them something they didn’t know they needed – a better way of doing business.”

We are thrilled to be leading the change in standardization and increasing the positive experience for both businesses and consumers in the legal cannabis market.

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