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Convectium Consulted on the Future of Cannabis -
Convectium on the Future of Cannabis
If we look back at the past pace of change, the cannabis industry of today should be remarkably different in as little as 5 years. recently consulted Convectium Founder Danny Davis on the future of the cannabis industry and any predictions he might have to guide those looking to join in the growth.

“Over the next couple years we will see 40 or more states approving cannabis for medicinal use, the overwhelming majority of those states going full recreational. I anticipate the next administration will lean left and that will likely be the catalyst to a push for re-scheduling and federal approval.

With this deregulation, we will see national support among citizens grow into the 70% or higher range, making M&A activity more commonplace among traditional firms and corporate sponsorships from cannabis companies less stigmatized and more mainstream.

From a product perspective, I foresee concentrates continuing to dominate the marketplace and software and workflow automation systems pushing standardization across the industry.”

— Danny Davis, Managing Partner of Convectium, a manufacturing, branding, packaging and equipment solutions company for the legal cannabis industry.

We are proud to play a part in the great technological, entrepreneurial, and creative strides that are being made in our industry and are excited for the continued growth!

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