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Equities: Why CBD is the Key to Unlocking the Cannabis Industry's Potential

Those that have been closely following the journey of medical marijuana in the public spotlight will know that, while it was once looked at with distrust and skepticism, it's now widely regarded as a legitimate medical treatment that should be available whenever possible. The principle compound in cannabis responsible for wellness benefits, known as cannabidiol, is gaining traction in the U.S. pharmaceutical and medical industries as an effective, inexpensive, and non-psychoactive form of medical relief, and its scientifically-backed stance as such is aiding the medical cannabis industry to an enormous extent. 

Here's What Medical Cannabis Experts Have to Say About the Compound:

 Prateek Dwivedi, CEO of Ehave (OTCQB: EHVVF)

"The potential for medical cannabis to remove its stigma grows drastically when strains with high CBD are proven to give healthier outcomes to their target diseases, while ensuring the side effect of the "high" from the THC is minimized. These strains will open the doors to greater clinician adoption and patient acceptance, and give medical cannabis the chance to be considered as sophisticated as pharmaceuticals. This can only happen when high quality clinical and research data is captured to prove the efficacy."

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