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IN THE PRESS: Money Morning Highlights Convectium as Solid Investment


Investing in Cannabis


We're thrilled to be featured in a recent Money Monday article on sound investments in the cannabis industry.

With cannabis sales expected to skyrocket 145% in the next three years, Money Monday projects the growth to expand from $10 billion in 2017 to $24.5 billion in 2021. 

As they mention lengthy analysis, the industry is still considered the "Wild West" where many start ups and other beginning businesses are more than willing to take advantage of uninformed investors. This makes proper analysis and vetting of each organization of the utmost importance!

Our CEO Mark Adams explains:

"Investors in cannabis should make sure a company has two things. First, a solid path to profitability. A lot of people make the mistake of throwing money in the space without understanding the business model of the company. This can be disastrous. Second, the company should be a true differentiator in the marketplace, not just a "me, too" player. Companies like ours that have a solid foundation in automation as well as continued new product development and engineering offer both immediate and long-term value."

We're leading the pack in innovation and committed to revolutionizing the way our clients operate - and we're not slowing down!

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