710Shark Oil Filling Machine v8.0




Introducing Version 8.0 of the 710Shark Automated Cartridge & Disposable Filling Machine.

Version 8.0 features 

  • 1. Full Acrylic Enclosure:
    • a.   This enclosure protects the integrity of the oil, adds a required safety measure and helps to maintain heat inside the system. In addition, it acts as a natural warmer for cartridges that may have thick posts for easier fills. The labor and materials cost of this enclosure is significant, but a requirement for lab quality systems.
  • 2. New Style Injector Head:
    • a.   Our costs on this part have increased 40% due to new materials being used, a new coating process and the labor to assemble it. It dramatically improves several of the processes/parts needed for filling.
      • i.   New Needle Plate:
        • 1.   This new plate now allows a client to switch out needles in half the time and it causes a better seal to stop any possible leaking from the top of the needle enclosure. Improves heat transfer to needles as well.
      • ii.   Better Quality Needles:
        • 1.   We now have a manual process that increases our labor cost, but ensures that each needle is the exact same length to ensure that unnecessary oil does not reside after filling.
  • 3. Improved Air Cylinder:
    • a.   We are utilizing a better air cylinder for better/smoother performance in the movements of the machine. This allows for better transitions, saving time and potential loss from any inconsistent or ‘jerky’ movements.
  • 4. New Oil Covered Oil Basin and Channel Tray:
    • a.   This protects the integrity of the oil as a secondary measure. It also helps remove any drip from the needles when transitioning to the cartridges. This creates a cleaner fill every-time.


Version 7.5 Features: 

  • Now with Touchscreen
  • Channelized Oil Basins
  • Structural Improvements
  • Increased Automation
  • Consecutive Auto Fills - Presets
  • Heating control can be turned on/off using the HMI
  • Auto Clean function. The user can set purge # on HMI
  • Additional Parameter settings for additional delay control are included for the automatic cycle
  • Pressing "Back" button - stations reset step by step in reverse order. Pressing the emergency stop button - stations reset step by step in reverse order and machine needs to be "reset" to continue use.

Machine arrives “Ready-to-Run”, pre-assembled and pre-tested from our factory.  

The 710 Shark fills a wide range of different cartridges including stainless steel/glass and ceramic/plastic, as well as disposables (all of which we provide at an additional cost).  

The dual heat injection system makes it easy to fill even the thickest of oils into your cartridges/disposables.  

Do not be fooled by Chinese knockoffs - we own the Patent for this machine! 



  • Up to 100 Cartridge or Disposable Fills in less than 60 seconds.
    • An average is 30 Seconds for 100 Cartridges of thick oil
  • 4-in-1 Filling: Plastic, Ceramic, and Stainless Cartridges OR Disposables
  • Dual Heated Injection System for the thickest of oils - temps up to 125C
  • Size: 52”H x 24”W x 14.5”D (1300 mm x 600 mm x 370 mm) 
  • Fill Range: 0.1ml (100 mg) - 3ml (3 g) per cartridge (x100)
  • Filling Machine Weight: 115 lbs (52 kg)
  • Shipping Weight: 265 lbs in Wooden Crate
  • Download 710Shark FAQ


  • California Air Tools 5.5 Gal Ultra Quiet/Oil‑Free Air Compressor (1 Hp) 
    • Oil-Free Pump / 3.10 CFM at 40 PSI & 2.20 CFM at 90 PSI
    • 120 PSI Maximum Pressure / Ultra-Quiet - Only 60 decibels
  • (2) x Oil Basin Trays (1 Large/1 Small)
  • (4) x Cartridge Trays
    • (2) x Ceramic Glass No-Wick
    • (1) x Plastic Cartridges
    • (1) x Wick Glass Stainless
  • (2) x Power Cords - Standard 115V (1 extra)
  • 25' Air Compressor Hose & Universal Attachment
  • Extra Fuses 
  • Extra Needles
  • Video Manual


  • 30-Day Testing and HD Live Video Training
  • 1 Year Full Warranty (Parts and On-Site Labor Included)
  • 3 Year Parts Warranty (Labor additional after year 1)